Hunger Strike, Day 3: Lost and Distraught

Posted: November 28, 2013 by StopTheSiege in Hunger Strike, Moadamiya, Siege of Syrian cities, Uncategorized

Today, I lost consciousness. I’ve survived many bombings but the last one that fell close to our house three weeks ago

The regime can destroy my town but they will never destroy the will of the people.

Destruction in Moadamiya. The regime is destroying my town but they will never destroy the will of my people.

sent me flying against the wall. I thought I was ok but then I started to have severe back pain. Yesterday, the pain spread from my back down to my left leg. The pain is so bad that it overpowers the hunger.

I went to the doctor in our town. He said there’s nothing he can do to help me without the medical equipment he needs. Someone gave me four pills. Painkiller I think. I took them. I got dizzy and blacked out, probably because I took the pills on an empty stomach. I woke up a couple of hours later feeling lost and distraught. I can’t remember anything. I want to keep track of which media I spoke to but I can’t remember.

Human rights watch called me today. That I remember. I hope they will be able to help.

My head hurts. The world is spinning. I am lying on the floor and I cannot get up. I have asked my friend to write this post for me today.


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