Hunger Strike, Day 5: Her Name is Sara…

Posted: November 30, 2013 by StopTheSiege in Uncategorized

Today my back pain was severe again. I decided to go to the field hospital and see if they could give me anything to help with the pain. When I walked into the hospital, I heard a girl crying and screaming. I ran towards where the noise was coming from and found a little girl in the emergency room. The minute I saw her, I forgot my own pain.

The girl’s name is Sara. She’s five years old. The doctors were changing the bandages on her burned face. She was burned by one of Assad’s bombs. Two weeks ago, she was asleep in her home when a bomb fell on her house. I grabbed a camera and filmed Sara. I wanted to show the world what Assad was doing to the children of Syria. After seeing Sara, I walked back home in a daze. There were bombardments all around but I didn’t seem to care.

I’ve been meaning to make a video to share on my blog… seeing Sara gave me the energy I needed to get up and get it done. I asked my friend Anas to help me. He followed me around so we could describe the destruction of our town. Damn Assad.

I can’t get Sara’s burned face or her screams out of my head. When will the world ever wake up?

Video: 5 year old burn victim, Sara. Qusai Zakarya narrates:

  1. Hello. I am thinking of you and reading your words and sending love to you and all your people suffering there. I will lobby the Australian government and the UN as much as I am able. Janet

  2. Tettodoro says:

    Just discovered your website. Our thoughts and hopes are with you. In solidarity

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