Hunger Strike, Day 8: What Dreams May Come

Posted: December 4, 2013 by StopTheSiege in Uncategorized
My beautiful Moadamiya. Summer 2012.

Beautiful Moadamiya. Summer 2012.

I spent most of the day in bed, but I had sweet memories to keep me company. Last night, after taking strong painkiller, I slept for a long time and I saw a strange, yet wonderful dream. In my dream, I walked around our town, stopped by the corner store, the one my neighbor owns, and it was stocked full of food. Sweets mostly. Biscuits and chocolates of every sort! I grabbed a pack of cookies off the shelf, ripped it open and gobbled down as many as I could. I devoured one cookie after another and the shop owner stared at me with a ‘what on earth are you doing?’ expression on his face. But I didn’t care. The pleasure of feeling those cookies fill my stomach felt so good.

Next thing I know, I was at the border of Moadamiya and Daraya at my favorite fast food restaurant, where my friends and I had eaten hundreds of meals. I walked in and told the owner to make me one of every sandwich on the menu: burger, chicken kabob, and crispy. Crispy was my favorite sandwich. It’s made with crispy fried chicken breast. And a side of fries too, I told the guy, and of course, lots and lots of soda.

Next, I was at my friends and I’s favorite pastry shop. My best friend showed up. He hadn’t seen me in a long time so he wanted to greet me and give me the Syrian customary kiss on each cheek, but I was like “Hey, man go get me some hareesi (sweet syrupy golden semolina cakes), with semna (buttery ghee) and ‘ishta (clotted cream). We can greet eachother later!! There’s hareesi in there, and I want it.”

I slept for a long time last night, longer than my body usually allows me to sleep, maybe because of the painkillers, or maybe because I was getting to eat all my favorite foods and that’s not the sort of dream you want to wake up from.

As I spent the day in bed, I thought about how before the siege, and before the revolution, food was the center of our lives. All my friends and I ever did was hangout at our favorite food places and indulge in Syria’s amazing delicacies. Oh, how things have changed. God willing, once the regime falls, Syria will be back and better than ever.

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