Hunger Strike, Day 9: Crossroads

Posted: December 4, 2013 by StopTheSiege in Uncategorized

MoadamiyaFlagGrafittiNov2013I have a really bad feeling about where these negotiations are heading. The regime’s arbitrary conditions are designed to shatter our dignity and give the regime a propaganda win. This revolution started for freedom and dignity.   Some of the local council members want to give up our dignity and for what? The regime won’t even break the siege. They will simply allow tiny rations of food in every day—if they even live up to that. Not one of us trusts the regime, no matter what we disagree on.

There are corrupt people amongst the negotiators, on both sides. They are pushing hard for the ceasefire despite humiliating regime pre-conditions, such as the racist demand that everyone who isn’t a “pure” original Moadamiyan be expelled, and that the town fly the regime flag.

The fact that the regime is pushing so hard for this shows it is under too much pressure. The regime badly needs an open route for its troops through Moadamiya. We should hold on until we get what we deserve: to lift the siege. Food is a basic human right. I am so frustrated with those townspeople who are willing to sell our town short.

I’ve spoken up against this bad deal and now I’ve been threatened with death if I don’t shut up and stop trying to influence the discussion. Some of my close friends have been threatened too, if they don’t let the negotiators get their way. These are the tactics some people have learned from a lifetime living under this regime.

Only the day will tell what will unfold.

  1. Not George Sabra says:

    Armed brigades need to liberate you ASAP.

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