Hunger Strike, Day 13: Not Just a Movie…

Posted: December 8, 2013 by StopTheSiege in Uncategorized

FotoFlexer_PhotoThey’re burning the earth today. Fierce shelling by the regime forces surrounding Moadamiya—ground-to-ground rockets, MiGs. It felt like 500 shells exploded on this town today. Four of them barely missed me.

Five of my townspeople were wounded in today’s bombing. They had to be dragged inside. Two of them were little kids—a girl and a boy. Unlike the Helm’s Deep battle in Lord of the Rings, which I’ve seen a million times, there are no caves where the children and women can hide. They’re doing their best in basements.

In the movie, the enemy army got blinded for a minute by the rising sun, right when reinforcements ride on their horses to save all the people. We need the sun to help us, a bunch of charging horses—anything.

So far, the FSA brigades at the edges of town are holding the “Orcs” back.  The talk is that the regime is going to try again to storm the town tomorrow, big-time.

“What can men do against so much hate?” (-Lord of the Rings)


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