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Two Is Better Than One

Posted: April 22, 2014 by StopTheSiege in Uncategorized

0My racing heartbeats lead tonight’s dance with the sparkling light of the moon, each time her innocent shy face makes its way through my mixed emotions and my racing thoughts about Syria, my family, my uncertain future.

“No, I am not gonna fall again. I can’t be that stupid,” I tell myself and try to resist sending her another message or some dumb picture of me to get her talking again. My God, do I ever learn?

Is it love again? Or is it my endless search for home – for my mom’s tender hugs, my second half, my One – that is telling me now that it might be her this time?

How can I be so selfish, thinking about my childish feelings while I should be concentrating on my tour and the revolution during these critical moments? I start lecturing myself while finding my way through yet another airport, heading to another event in another state.

I look at all the pretty girls around me and convince myself that I can forget her. And then I remember her oriental beauty that caught me by surprise the minute I saw her smiling on Facebook. Oh, damn!

She probably notices that I care too much. I don’t know… does she? Should I tell her or is it too soon? What if she doesn’t feel the same? What would I do then? I am a teenager again.

Oh dear God, I don’t think I can take another barrel-bombed heart. Yes, her love is barrel-bombing me and there is no place to hide from barrel bombs.

I am gonna write to her and say:

Sarin gas stopped my heart
Can you be my atropine, yes or not?
Surviving starvation was so hard
Can I have the piece of candy called your hand?
Careful though with the red lines I say
Cuz I am not Obama. I’ve got revolutionary sway
Be my Erdogan, don’t be a Bashar
So you can roll my soul when I am near or far
My love is action
I am not Ki-Moon
I will fight to get you, even if all I have is a spoon
I should stop writing, oh my God
Please say yes and we will be so glad
When we will be together, we will have fun
Please listen to ‘Two is Better than One’
I am waiting for an answer from you to hear
…till then I’m out of here!


I was looking at the most amazing scene I had seen since I arrived in the States – the flowering cherry blossoms.  My God, it felt like heaven.  The sun was sneaking through the shy clouds.  Poems of unconditional love were being recited by the light wind playing with lovers’ faces while they were standing there holding hands enjoying the beauty of an early spring day.


I was taken by the scene.  I looked at my cold hand – no lover’s hand to hold you today.  I am sorry. Let me warm you and my freezing lips up with a cigarette.  Yes my beloved cowboy killers – it’s time for you again.

Rushing down the steps to the street, calling a taxi to get me to a meeting at the State Department to brief some officials about my experiences inside Syria and my beloved Moadamiya, I tried to get myself together to focus. I took out a mint to erase the smell of tobacco from my breath.  “Looking good,” my friends who were escorting me to the meeting said, “now let’s go get ’em.”

We went inside the State Department building and started talking about the chemical attack, the brutal siege, the constant shelling and massacres, Assad’s use of starvation as a weapon, barrel bombs, blackmailing the rebels to surrender through the civilians and calling that a truce, and my great escape.  As I spoke, it seemed to me like they really cared about what I was telling them. They asked a millions questions – hard ones and surprising ones.

Cherry blossoms – what a view.  The image remained in my thoughts during the meeting.  I started telling the officials that you need to act before it’s too damn late and how could Obama keep looking the other way about all that Bashar and Iran and Putin are doing in Syria?

I told them that since I’ve arrived here, all I’ve seen on CNN or NBC was news about the Malaysian airplane over and over.  With all due respect for it, I think there are much more important things going on in the world – like Assad’s using chemical weapons dozens of times in limited doses during the past few weeks, barrel bombs destroying what’s left of Aleppo and Syria, or how about how Bashar fulfilled his promise that he made in the middle of 2011 and turned Syria into a new Afghanistan, or how Hizballah and Al​-Qaeda are getting more experienced and stronger, while both of them  are fighting side by side against the free Syrian army, above and below the radar.

The officials told me that were doing their best and left. Then others approached me and told me to keep it up because I am right and there is much more that the US can do.

I felt a bit disappointed, but as we left the State Department, I remembered that someone as important and as pretty as Angelina Jolie had visited the Syrian refugee camps dozens of times and that she is somewhere here in the States and that she is standing with the Syrian people.  Angelina’s support gave me hope, especially when she called Kim Kardashian a witless bimbo after Kim misinformed people about Syria on Twitter.

Suddenly it hit me in the face.  Why the hell doesn’t she run for president?  Imagine Angelina in the White House as the President of the United States of America. That also means that we would have Brad Pitt as the First Lady (man).

I think Angelina is like me.  She can see just how pretty the cherry blossoms are but she also sees the beauty of the Damascene jasmines and recognizes that they are worth saving.

I thought about that as I lit another cowboy killer to warm my cold hands and freezing lips and returned to the park with the cherry blossoms. My God, what a beautiful scene? And my God, how I love Angelina!