Message In A Bottle

Posted: May 28, 2014 by StopTheSiege in Uncategorized

Qusai at the UN Security Council Meeting with Ambassador Samantha Power, 5/22/2014

All of ​the traveling, ​speaking ​at events​, telling my story over and over​,​ the meetings in DC,​ and with​ think tanks​,​ talking to ​the ​media, and ​all of the ​other things that I ​have been​ doing here in the ​United States since I arrived ​finally ​felt like they were beginning​ to pay off for Syria when I got an invitation from the lovely Ambassador Samantha Power ​to attend the United Nations Security Council session​ about the vote for the resolution on the war crimes in Syria​.​

I travelled to New ​Y​ork City​ the night before the UNSC meeting, along with some ​amazing Syrian activists.The US Mission to the UN offered lots of help in getting us to the meeting​.They took care of the details to make sure that everything would​ go well​ ​and​ thank God, it did​.

We went inside the hearing at 10:00 ​AM​ and​ as expected, the Russian and Chinese​ ambassadors​ used their v​eto for the fou​rth time against efforts to help put an end to the suffering of the Syrian ​people. A​fter the veto​,​ Am​bassador​ ​P​ower​ ​gave​ a historical speech exposing the brutality of this ​v​eto​. In the middle of her speech, she started reading my notes about some of the horrors that I’ve witnessed from the Assad regime. She asked me to stand up while she ​was​ speaking and so I did​.

It felt like we had a voice for the first time at the UNSC.​ I heard the echo of my memories resonating inside the ears of diplomats ​​and people of many different languages and skin colors. I​t felt like the world ​had finally ​started to find and read some of our messages in bottles​​.​ Am​bassador​ ​Power was the first person who had the ​courage to open and read one of ​those messages from the Syrian people.

I hope that more p​eople and officials will start ​picking up our bottles, pulling out our messages, reading them ​and ​responding to the continual SOS ​calls ​from the Syrian people to the world. ​


(See Ambassador Power’s speech beginning at 17:00)





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