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Voices from Syria 2014-1

I started to feel so weak. Within a minute or two my friend from the FSA got his car and took us along with other women and kids to the field hospital. The car was filled with women and children. I couldn’t fit in it so I hung on to the back off the car. It took us around 3 minutes to get to the field hospital, maybe the longest 3 minutes of my life.

On March 20th, 2014, Qusai Zakarya, who survived the August 2013 chemical weapons attack and over a year of life under siege in Moadamiya, Syria will be doing a speaker’s tour in North America. With his 33 day hunger strike along with Noam Chomsky, Raed Fares, Congressman Keith Ellison, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Maryam Khawaja, and many others, he rallied world wide support to break the illegal siege of cities across Syria. 

Syrian survivor, Qusai Zakarya, will share his first-hand account of the Syrian democratic uprising and to offer his account to the atVoices fom syria 2014rocities witnessed in Moadamiya since the start of the conflict in March 2011. Furthermore, it will provide an opportunity for Mr. Zakarya to provide additional public testimony to how the conflict in Syria has escalated over the last two and a half years as the regime employs weapons of mass destruction like starvation against the civilian population.

Tour Stops (Tentative) : 

Washington, DC – March 15th – 27th
Boston, MA – March 31st – April 4th
Washington, DC – April 7th – 12th
New York, NY – April 13th
Princeton, NJ – April 14th
Newark NJ – April 15th
New York, NY – April 16th
Chicago, IL – April 17th – 19th
Indiana, IN – April 20th – 22nd
New Haven, CT – April 23rd
Phoenix, AZ- April 24th
LA, CA – April 25th
San Diego, CA – April 26th
Northern California, CA – April 27th
Berkley, CA – April 28th
Standford, CA – April 29th
Denver, CO – May 1st – 2nd
Minnesota – May 3rd – 5th
NY, NY – May 7th – 8th
Detroit, MI – May 9th
Tampa, FL – May 16th
Orlando, FL – May 17th

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AIC Center – March 31st
Boston University College – April 1st
Tufts University – April 2nd
Harvard University –  April 4th
George Mason University – April 9th
Princeton – April 15th
NYU – April 16th
Yale Law School – April 23rd
Arizona State University – April 24th
University of Southern California – April 25th
SAC Northern California – April 27th
Minneapolis Community Event – May 4th
University of Minnesota East Bank – May 5th
University of South Florida – May 16th

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